Under a Silver Sky

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You know you’re tired when…

…you’re trying to choose what to wear in the morning and end up thinking you need to pick a project manager for Celebrity Apprentice… (true story)

"Kaitlyn: You’re weird.
Me: YOU’RE weird.
Kaitlyn: No, YOU’RE weird.
Me: You’re eating your muffin with a spoon, and you’re calling Me weird?"

- Me and Kaitlyn

"My closet’s so messy I can’t even walk in it…which is bad considering it’s a walk-in clloset."

- Charlotte

"English Teacher: “Why do you guys start talking every time I turn around?”
Class: “…”
English Teacher: “This is not a rhetorical question.”
Class: “…”
*10 minutes later*
Nate: “Wait, what was the question again?”"

- My English class

"You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug."

- Haymitch, The Hunger Games